Please note: we have have filled our current openings, but because we spin out companies, we likely will have openings in the near future. Please feel free to apply to the following roles, and we will consider your application when the role re-opens.


We are looking for an outstanding entrepreneur and leader to be the founding CEO, someone who will drive it forward through fundraising, launch, and long-term success. Your ultimate goal will be to build one of the most impactful privacy-first data companies on the planet.


Founding CTO/VP of Engineering

We are looking for an extraordinary technology executive to join us as the co-founding technical leader. You will be responsible for setting our technical vision and building our complex algorithm-based and ML products from the ground up.


Senior Windows Engineer/Architect

This is the opportunity to be a founding engineer in a VC-track company that will be making an enormous impact. For this role, we are looking for a star engineer with deep expertise in Windows internals to join as a key technical contributor and/or technology implementation with Windows.